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API's flagship publication, the Angus Journal, boasts a circulation of more than 14,000 subscribers. It is the official publication of the American Angus Association and the major source of communication between Angus breeders and their Association. Articles and columns provide comprehensive coverage of beef industry news and information. Advertising messages are studied by readers actively seeking information to make buying decisions.

Mail date is approximately the 1st of each month.

Issue Early Copy Discount Deadline
January November 20 November 25
February December 20 December 25
March January 20 January 25
April February 20 February 25
May March 20 March 25
June April 20 April 25
July May 20 May 25
August June 20 June 25
September July 20 July 25
October August 20 August 25
November September 20 September 25
December October 20 October 25

Current Advertising Sizes & Space Rates

(Black & White)

  Inches Picas
Full page 7.124 x 9.791 43 x 59p.
Trim 8.125 x 10.8125 49 x 65p.
Bleed 8.375 x 11.167 50.5 x 66.5p.
3/4 x 3 7.167 x 7.333 43 x 44
2/3 x 3 7.167 x 6.5 43 x 39p.
2/3 x 2 4.667 x 9.833 28 x 59p.
1/2 x 3 7.167 x 4.833 43 x 29p.
1/2 x 2 4.667 x 7.333 28 x 44p.
1/3 x 1 2.25 x 9.833 13.5 x 59p.
1/3 x 2 4.667 x 4.833 28 x 29p.
1/3 x 3 7.167 x 3.167 43 x 19p.
1/4 x 1 2.25 x 7.33 13.5 x 44p.
1/4 x 2 4.667 x 3.667 28 x 22p.
1/4 x 3 7.167 x 2.333 43 x 14p.
1/6 x 1 2.25 x 4.833 13.5 x 29p.
1/6 x 2 4.667 x 2.333 28 x 14p.
1/6 x 3 7.167 x 1.5 43 x 9p.

*Pre-signed contract required for volume discount rates.

State co-op advertising available: Billed for 6 months at $315 or 1 year at $630. Prepayment required.
Angus Journal ad size guide PDF PDF

Ad SpaceFrequency
1-5 6-11 12
1 page $875 $835 $800
2/3 page $660 $630 $605
1/2 x2 $600 $575 $550
1/2 x 3 500 $485 $470
1/3 page $360 $340 $325
1/4 page $315 $305 $295
1/6 page $210 $205 $200
1 inch classified $55 $50 $45

Angus Journal ad size guide PDF PDF

Preferred Position Rates (Additional)

Rates for covers and certain other preferred positions have been determined by auction. The 12-month preferred position contracts have renewal options. If other specific position is requested and can be honored, add 20% to the page rate.

Color Rates (Additional)

One Additional Color $100 (red, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, blue, dark blue, teal). 4-Color $300 Match or Nonstandard Color $175 Metallic or Fluorescent Color $500

Bleed, Reverse, Photo Rates (Additional)

Add $60 per page to space rate when requesting color or black bleeds into ad margins. Add 10% when requesting use of a reverse in ad. Add $12.50 for each photo used in each ad except for complete camera-ready files. Photos used continuously in 12-time contract ads will be billed once. Difficult ads or photo enhancements requiring substantial extra production work will be charged at standard shop rates ($25/hr). If you prefer no extra charges, request to simplify the ad if necessary at our discretion.


Net due on receipt of statement. Space rate and color discounted 5% on display ads if all copy and photos are received in this office or postmarked by early copy discount date of the 20th of the second month preceding publication (i.e., Aug. 20 for Oct. issue. - see schedule above) Copy or photo changes or additions after that date will disqualify discount. Space rate discounted 10% if complete and EPD-accurate print-ready files are received in this office by the 1st of the month prior to the publication month (i.e. Oct. 1 for Nov. issue). No agency commissions or discounts available on space rates.

Commercial discounts are not available.


All advertising accounts are due and payable as invoiced. Interest charges of 1.5% per month (18% annual interest rate) will be assessed to accounts 30 days past due.

Closing Dates

All advertising copy (including photos) must be in this office by the 25th of the second month preceding publication (i.e., July 25 for September issue - see schedule above) or first working day thereafter. Although we devote the utmost care to the preparation of each advertising insertion, we cannot be responsible for errors made when copy is received after the deadline or by phone.

Layouts & Proofs

Requests for advertising layouts must be in this office by the 15th of the second month preceding publication (i.e., July 15 for September issue). Requests for proofs must be received or postmarked by the 20th of the second month preceding publication. Requests after these dates will be filled only so long as the production schedule permits.

Copy Changes

Alterations in advertising copy, if requested after closing date, will be made only if time permits and will incur the 10% surcharge on total advertising space, plus appropriate charges for time and materials involved in the copy change.

Advertising Content

Advertising Content and Waiver of Liability

The ANGUS JOURNAL reserves the right to refuse any advertising or copy at its sole discretion. The ANGUS JOURNAL assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the advertising or copy content as submitted. Advertisers assume all responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of submitted advertising or copy, including advertising or copy containing pedigrees and statements regarding performance or animal traits. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless the ANGUS JOURNAL for any claims concerning advertising or copy content as submitted.

CONSENT, DISCLAIMER, WAIVER AND RELEASE: For advertising or copy that includes EPD statistics, the ANGUS JOURNAL will publish, and may revise, the advertising to show the most current applicable EPD statistics that exist in the AMERICAN ANGUS ASSOCIATION records, and any advertiser submitting such advertising or copy EXPRESSLY CONSENTS that such revision and publication may be made. The ANGUS JOURNAL EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS liability to any person for any errors or omissions in the publication of said EPD statistics in said advertising, except as specifically provided below. Further all advertisers EXPRESSLY WAIVE all claims against, and EXPRESSLY RELEASE from all liability, the ANGUS JOURNAL and the AMERICAN ANGUS ASSOCIATION for any errors or omissions in the publication of said EPD statistics in said advertising, except as specifically provided below. For advertiser-submitted advertising or copy published by the ANGUS JOURNAL, the ANGUS JOURNAL EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS, and all advertisers hereby waive, all liability for all damages claimed or incurred (including actual, consequential, special, punitive or incidental damages) by any person in reliance on said advertiser-submitted advertising or copy, it being agreed that customers of such advertisers must seek recovery directly from such advertisers. In addition, the ANGUS JOURNAL and the AMERICAN ANGUS ASSOCIATION MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES (INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT) OR ENDORSEMENTS OF ANY GOODS OR SERVICES ADVERTISED HEREIN.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR ERROR: Advertisers expressly waive, and the ANGUS JOURNAL expressly disclaims, any liability for any error in any advertisement published hereunder, except that if a proof of such advertisement is requested in writing by Advertiser and returned to ANGUS JOURNAL with the error or correction plainly noted in writing thereon, by the first of the month prior to publication date, and any error so noted is not corrected by ANGUS JOURNAL, then ANGUS JOURNAL's liability will not exceed the proportion of the entire cost of such advertisement as the space occupied by the noted error bears to the whole space occupied by the advertisement.


Charges dependent upon stage of production will be invoiced to advertisers who cancel previously submitted advertising.

Editorial Content

All rights reserved by Angus Productions Inc. No part of this publication may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the ANGUS JOURNAL. Photographs and manuscripts are welcome, but no responsibility is assumed for such material either while in transit or while in this office.


Advertising and editorial reprints available. Contact this office for prices.


Effective with the March 2001 issue, advertising for sales scheduled in the month of publication will be accepted at the advertiser's risk. ANGUS JOURNAL assumes no financial responsibility for distribution.