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April 2015

What’s Growing in Your Pastures?
Revisit and adjust forage plans regularly.

Serious Stewardship
Leopold Conservation Award winner focuses on long-term health of the range to guide grazing management strategies.

Know What’s in Your Forage
Clear picture can minimize costs, maximize production.

Cover Cropping for Cattlemen
Cover cropping mimics Mother Nature.

Grazing For Soil Health
Practices that support healthy livestock also build and maintain healthy soils.

Soil Health 101
One of the world’s most precious resources deserves special management attention on farms and ranches. Two soil advocates explain why.

Replace Toxic Fescue When Beef Prices are Good
Good beef prices give herd owners a chance to upgrade pastures to remove toxic fescue.

No Better Time
With land values high and record profitability in the cow-calf sector, consider investing in weed control.

Handle with Care
Right steps can maximize manure value.

Grazing Management to Rebuild the Cow Herd
Use available land, labor and knowledge resources to expand the cow herd.

Give Hay the Boot
Rotational grazing allows North Carolina producer to graze his cattle year-round.

Ugly Pastures, Pretty Bottom Line
Strip-grazing and maximizing use of low-quality forages turns a profit.

Another Record Broken
CAB Here’s the Premium study documents more record premiums for Angus-sired calves.

Did you know … Fat Is Good For You
The war on fat is reconsidered.

Optimum Performance, Premium Results
Making a difference starts at home for Nebraska family.

Chef Leads With Creative Experience
Joining the brand, Chef Tony adds new chapter to colorful life.

A Dream Discovered
Young sous chef finds his way back to the kitchen.

Policy Matters
Cattle Industry Convention alerts cattlemen to timely policy matters.

Interest Rates and Their Impact on Agriculture
A good many of the 8,100 convention attendees took advantage of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Learning Lounge, …

Nutrition Policy and Dietary Guidelines Updates
Policy decisions will affect beef’s role in the diet.

Agriculture & Food Policy
The NCBA Agriculture & Food Policy Committee met Feb. 6.

Cattle Marketing and Trade
Experts discuss market access, cattle marketing and global impact.

Caring for Cows and Calves
Cattle Industry Convention highlights.

Potential Solution to Pasture Limitations During Expansion
There is no doubt that the beef industry needs to expand the cow herd to remain viable as an industry, …

More Than a Byproduct
“Market cows should not be considered a byproduct of the beef industry,” stated Colorado State University (CSU) meat scientist Keith Belk.

Building for the Future
Agriculture’s next generation relies on positive working relationships.

Are You Protecting Your Bottom Line?
"Every sector within the industry has inherent risk. Your choice is to accept it or mitigate it."

NCE Annoyances
USMARC researcher explains what annoys him with national cattle evaluation.

Research Advances
BIF Live Animal, Carcass & End Product Committee considers environmental and genetic influences on beef tenderness.

Making A Difference
Three beef enthusiasts share their passion and purpose to make a positive impact in the industry.

One On One
Pointers for working with people’s different behavior styles.